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About Us


For the last few months, we’ve been busy gauging interest in the restoration of Bradley Canal through our FaceBook page.

Many of you have kindly liked and followed the page to demonstrate your interest in getting this restoration up and running.

The proposal to re-open the canal has been around for a few years, backed by many different organisations such as IWA, The Birmingham, Black Country Wildlife Trust etc. A feasibility study was conducted into the restoration, you can find the study here.

What has been missing all this time is enough local interest to make funding organisations sit up and listen. Our aim is to bring the community together to make this happen. Many people will read this and assume someone else will do the work, but we need everyone to get behind us to make sure we can apply enough pressure. Please have a look around our site and enjoy the photographs. If you wish to contribute, please feel free to contact us.


The restoration (highlighted in yellow above) is approximately one mile long and runs from the CRT Locks Workshop to the Walsall Canal.

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