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The Restoration

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Following the abandonment of the Bradley Locks, they were left to deteriorate for a number of years before they were eventually filled in during the early seventies. It is understood that the brickwork chambers of each lock have been preserved in good condition and will require minimal effort to make good after the digging out is completed.

The restoration itself is in an ideal location, right next to the Bradley Workshops where lock gates are manufactured.

Bradley Workshops

The workshops are situated at the end of the Bradley Canal where the restoration would begin across Bradley Lane up to Weddell Wynd and then left, down what is known locally as the ‘Black Path’ across the Great Bridge Road and onward to the Walsall Canal.

The lock Gates would hopefully be manufactured in the Bradley Workshops. Subject to CRT / Union agreement this could be used as a training initiative for 2/3 young persons to help make and install the gates. They would then feel ownership of the project.

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